Greenway Express

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–Client Success Case–

Greenway Express Car Wash

Lance Eubanks

 “Jean Moody at BEFCOR did an outstanding job for us.”

After working in corporate environments, Lance Eubanks decided it was time to pursue two ongoing passions: small business ownership and car washes. After doing on the job training, garnering family support, taking classes, doing research, and breaking ground in 2011, Greenway Express is open and helping owner Lance Eubanks to realize his dreams one clean car at a time. Small business ownership is no easy task, but Lance doesn’t stay behind a desk. He is out on the front lines of his business daily, as well as working behind the scenes on business operation and expansion.

A standout feature of this business, aside from the active role of the owner, is the focus on conservation. Economically and environmentally friendly practices give this carwash an edge over competitors.

Securing funding was one obstacle he needed to overcome in launching Greenway Express. From an article in the Charlotte Business Journal,

“How did you finance the startup? Is it expensive to start an independent carwash operation?

It is very capital intensive. With the land purchase, it required about a $2.5 million to $3 million investment. My father and I got an SBA 504 loan through BEFCOR (the Business Expansion Funding Corp) and Advantage South Bank, and my father and I put up the rest. Jean Moody at BEFCOR did an outstanding job for us.”